Support for Custom Scheme Redirect URI


I would like to implement the OAuth flow using iOS’s ASWebAuthenticationSession

There you should pass a custom URL scheme that matches your app and I assume should match the one specified in the redirect_uri. But the redirect_uri currently has to be http or https.

Is there any way that you could allow custom URL schemes for the redirect_uri?

HI Peter,

I recommend you take a look at our official docs on this, we also have examples there -

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey John,

I have read all the documentation on your OAuth flow extensively already. I have written a PKCE flow already as well.

What I require is to set up a redirect_uri that has a custom URL scheme. So instead of starting with http:// I would like it to start with my-app://. Unfortunately that is not supported by your system. It only supports http or https. To use iOS’s preferred Authentication I need custom URL schemes.

It would be great if you could comment on / answer that specific question or provide specific examples of how to solve this issue.



I managed to do it with a redirect from the http page to the custom url scheme.

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delays in following up here but happy to hear you have come to a resolution.